Rock drilling

We supply a great selection of products for all your rock drilling needs. Be it drilling rods, shank adapters, drill bits or any related accessories. Get in touch with us for more information or to get assistance with your rock drilling needs.

Drilling rods


Our range includes catch sleeves, transition / splice sleeves, full-bore drills, neck rods, drift rods and splice steel in most lengths and dimensions. Contact us for more information.

Shank adapters


With us, you will find a comprehensive range of shank adapters for most models and threads. Contact us for more information.

Drill bits


From Diaedge, we can offer a large selection of drill bits in varied series, threads, types and dimensions. Contact us for more information.

Product catalog



We work with Mincon and deliver a large range of their range of accessories.

Product catalog

Industry leading products

We offer the best products in the industry from globally leading manufacturers

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Desrock can supply your equipment and accessories for almost any type of drilling


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